Picture shows a bust-length lithographed portrait of an older John Young. His eyes directly face the viewer, though his body is slightly angled to the viewer’s right. His white hair is parted on the viewer’s right and is combed over. He wears a dark suit jacket with notched lapels, a dark vest, a white ruffled shirt, and a white cravat with a small bow-tie. A dark background frames Young’s head and upper shoulders. “On stone by Albert Newsam.” is printed on a downward slant below the portrait in the left. “P.S. Duval & Co’s Steam lith Press Phil” is printed on an upward slant below the portrait in the right. Below these lines is the printed facsimile of the valediction of the sitter: “Yours Sincerely John Young.” Below the valediction , John Young, is printed in hollow block letters. [end of description]

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