Picture shows the upper edge of a writing board or tablet over a white background. The tablet is made of a brown cardboard-like material with a faded pink and blue marbled pattern and has raised, tactile, evenly spaced bars on its surface. In the center of the first bar, handwritten script reads “Mrs. E. A. Lusk.” [End of description]

A Gracious Contributor to “Common Touch”

Picture shows a bust-length lithographed portrait of Albert Newsam. His body is slightly angled to the viewer’s left and his gaze looks slightly to the viewer’s right. He has dark hair, parted on the left side to the viewer, and worn slightly long and swept to the sides. He also has side burns. Newsam wears a jacket with wide notched lapels that are partially in velvet and over a loose fitting vest and a white shirt. He also wears a cravat with the ends hanging loosely. [end of description]

On Visual Eavesdropping and the White Noise of History: Albert Newsam and Visual Culture in Nineteenth-Century America