Picture shows a close-up of a section of text from an 1863 playbill. Text reads from top to bottom: Part Second [next line].Overture, ---Orchestra. [next line]Comic Song,--- P. Williamson. [next line] Guitar Dnet [sic], ---Marion Brothers. Slight Skirmish: or, the Best Way to Settle It. [next line] George White and P. Williamson. [next line] Ethiopian Jig, - - - J. H. Barleur. [next line] Pathetic Ballad, - - - Billy Rose. [next line]. Seeing the Elephant, [next line] Hilfrem, Hirst and Burr. [next line] Comic Song - - - Ed Shaw [next line] Essence of Old Virginia, - - - J. H. Barluer [next line] [image of pointed finger] Black Blunders, [image of pointed finger] [next line] Geo. White and P. Williamson. [next line] Song and Dance, - - - Ed. Shaw [next line] Overture, - - - Orchestra. Text is surrounded by a rectangular-shaped border composed of two parallel black lines, one thick and one thin. [End of description]

Seeing the Elephant