Picture shows a pencil sketch titled “Front View” on an 8 1/2 x 11 in. piece of white paper with faint, vertical ruled black lines. In the center of the page is a tall, vertical rectangle. A measurement line labeled “20 [in.]” runs horizontally along the inside bottom edge of the rectangle. A long measurement line runs vertically along the right side of the rectangle. The line is divided into four segments and labeled, in the right, from bottom to top: “28 [in.]”; “30 [in.]”; “5 [in.]”; “20 [in.].” The rectangle is divided into four segments. The segments are labeled, in the left, from bottom to top: “Olfactometer”; “Hood”; “Fan”; “Vent.” A two-dimensional view of a table cuts across the lower one-third of the rectangle. A measurement line labeled “6’” runs horizontally below the illustration. A measurement line labeled “7’” runs vertically to the right of the illustration. [End of description]

One Year In

Picture shows view of a panel of people from the perspective of an audience member. Three women and a man sit at a table covered with a black fitted tablecloth. A paper coffee cup with lid, metal water pitcher, a pile of lanyards, and a water bottle are on the table in front of the panelists. Two screens, including one with closed captioned text, and a podium pushed against the wall are visible. In the foreground, audience members, including a female wheelchair user, are seated. The room contains beige paneled walls and patterned carpeting.

My First SDS Conference

Artist-in-residence Teresa Jaynes researching in the Print Department, January 2015.

The First Six Months